Welcome to Home Sweet Home-San Diego

Hello and welcome to my website!

I first started my cleaning business as Clean 'N Simple November 1997.  Two years later I added pet sitting and so changed my business name to Home Sweet Home. In January 2011, I closed my business and moved to Florida for family matters, returned to San Diego July 2015 and started up my cleaning and pet sitting business as Home Sweet Home-San Diego.  

My past work experience was working various retail jobs, one of which was a long-standing one for over 21 years working at Vons as a Cashier from February 1984 to May of 2005. I worked 2 part-time jobs up until when I started my cleaning business in 1997 and then just worked at Vons nights and weekends and did my cleaning during the day and pet sitting jobs whenever.  I kept a busy schedule, yet still had time to do other things like volunteering at different animal organizations like the Farel Cat Coalition of San Diego, The San Diego Humane Society and helped out a few rescue places when needed. 

Pet Sitting was added to when a client asked me to watch her two dogs and I enjoyed it so I figured what a great idea to add that service also. I have a love for animals and knew I wanted to be a pet sitter once I retired from cleaning homes and so am trying to build that part of my business even more now. I find cleaning homes with pets, makes it enjoyable as I like to spend a little time with them too!  

I take pride in what I do and actually enjoy cleaning, making things look nice, clean and tidy for people to come home to and enjoy their life more without worry.  My promise to you is I will care for your home as if it is my own and be extra careful if you have pets. If I am hired to care for your pet(s) I will give them lots of love and attention as if they were my own.  I have always been very honest and trustworthy, someone you can count on and hope to gain your trust!  I believe in Trust, Respect and Honestly, as it goes both ways and will expect that from my clients who I work for as well.

I encourage you to call me Today to get your Free 30 minute, In-Home Estimate!

Thank you for your time and have A Great Day!