Welcome to Home Sweet Home-San Diego!

As of July 2015, I started up my housecleaning and pet sitting business once again.  Prior, I run my business from Nov. 1997 up until December 2010 where I moved to Florida but then returned July 2015.  

I have mainly worked at various retail places, one being a long time standing job at Vons from February 1984 to April 2005 when I retired to concentrate more on my business as I really liked working independently and once I added pet sitting I knew I wanted to become a senior pet sitter once I retire from cleaning. 

Looking back, I kind of regret moving when I did as I left behind a nice client base and to my surprise when I returned things have really changed in both fields.  Meaning, it has become so saturated with others now doing what I love and advertising a business has become a lot tougher as well.  

I am currently trying to build my pet sitting side of the business up for when I do decide on retiring from cleaning.  I am currently seeking at least 5 more clients for cleaning and then focus more on getting more pet sitting clients.

I am very responsible and reliable.  I am flexible when need be and try to work with my clients as best as I can.  I respect my client's home and take great care for those who do have pets.  I treat your home as if it were my own.  I take pride in a job well done and like to do extra things for my clients when I have the time.   

I like being my own boss to where I can work part-time now and I like the extra free time to spend with my own pets more and to do other things.

I hope to gain your trust after meeting for a one on one consultation to offer you a quote! 

        Have a Great Day!  Thank You.