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** Hours of Operations for Cleaning: 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. Monday to Friday.  Saturday and Sunday by appointment only. Estimates are given anytime during daylight hours.

 What would make your rate higher would be the following:

1.  Excess Windows and Blinds (if needed cleaning)

2.  Excess hard flooring (this usually needs 2 steps for cleaning)

3.  Clutter

4. Excess Pet Hair

5. Not had regular cleanings, once a month or occasional/spring cleaning.

6. Move-in or Move-out cleaning.

7. Extra dirty or dusty

8. Lots of picture frames, nick nacks etc. that need dusting. 

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**Personal contact info for references are given out after the initial consultation if requested. 

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Housecleaning rates are mainly charged by the job. The rate is determined by size and condition of the home along with what type of service, like one-time, monthly, bi-weekly, etc.  Each person's home is unique and therefore charged accordingly to what is needed. People who require just a few things cleaned, like say a bathroom and kitchen, then the hourly rate will apply.  Move-outs and One-time cleans are charged more than regular, ongoing service and are either quoted by the hour or flat rate depending on what all you want to be cleaned.  First time cleans for anyone is charged more also. To receive a FREE In-Home Estimate Contact me Today!

I encourage you to call or e-mail for a Free In-home Estimate! I provide up to 30 minutes for the Free In-home Estimate. I currently have openings for small to medium size homes up to 2400 sq. ft. for ongoing service.  Move-outs or one time clean for larger homes are the exceptions for when the time is available.


                        Thank You, in advance, for allowing me to be of service!

 **Click below for explanation to why I prefer seeing a place first. I am not one to give out quotes on the top of my head as that would not make sense without seeing a home and would not even be accurate. How this works is I meet with you, talk about what you want and then send you a quote later that day or sometimes can on the stop, but that it rare. 

 Here is an explanation why I prefer seeing a place first for quotes! 


**My rates reflect my Experience and Quality of Work. I am Very Reliable and Trustworthy! Expect to pay slightly more for the first time clean. I accept Cash or Local Checks only!  One time cleans, Move-outs or Move-Ins I accept Cash Only.  

**Please keep in mind my rates include a portion to cover for: Taxes, Supplies, Advertising, and other miscellaneous expenses of running a business. 

  I also prefer cleaning in Smoke-Free homes only!


CANCELLATION POLICY!!! I do not make my clients sign a contract but work more on Trust, Respect, and Honesty.  PLEASE give as much notice as possible when you have a need to cancel, reschedule or stop service completely as I am relying on that income and would prefer reasonable notice. Too many times I have lost getting one time cleans or move outs when someone waited to cancel same day as their cleaning day.  Also, if you a regular client and cancel and do not re-schedule, then your day and time slot will be given to someone else.  Thank You for understanding!

**Ways to keep your rate down are to eliminate rooms (keep in mind, bedrooms are not where the work usually is) or projects to be cleaned, have clutter-free rooms, etc. Can be discussed during the consultation. 

**Other cleaning services offered:  Move-in, Move-out, Office or Business Cleaning, Construction or Real Estate Cleaning (limited in nature), Windows/blinds.  Prices to be determined.

Office/business Cleaning is usually done before opening of business or after closing.  To be determined during consultation along with how often and is paid one month in advance. 

Move-in, Move-out Cleaning are with Appointment only and MUST be paid in Cash.  With on going service for move-ins, checks are accepted.  Expect to pay more for this service compared to regular on going cleaning.

Windows and Blinds are a separate service than House Cleaning. Once Blinds are cleaned for the first time, they would be included on a regular basis on an as needed dusting chore. I also, on occasion, dust a few blinds at a time when I have extra time. 

Windows and blinds are charged by the size and extent of cleaning needed. To be determined during consultation. 

Keep in mind I do this as an added service and that I am NOT a Professional Window or Blind cleaner.  I no longer clean mini-blinds, the one-inch slat ones. Those are best left for a company to come out and wash or simply replace.

There are two ways of cleaning blinds, one being just dusting and the other by wiping each slat with a damp cloth. This is done when the blinds are dirty and dusting is for ongoing maintenance. Keep in mind if the blinds are dirty it will take longer to clean and therefore cost more. 

               #1 Scenario 

1500 sq. ft.   bi-weekly       $95

  This one is for single or couple. Home has mostly carpet, not much pictures/nick knacks, pretty neat and no clutter. No children or pets.  This home will then get the lower rate. 

                 #2 Scenario 

1500 sq. ft.      bi-weekly     $110

  This home has a couple and either a child or pets. Also for singles who may have pet(s). The home has pretty much the same as #1 but has a little more work to be done, like more dusting and pet hair etc.

            #3 Scenario

1500 sq. ft.     bi weekly     $125

  This home has a couple with children and pets.  The home has hard floors and extra work for clutter and pet hair.  Expect to pay more!

                               Sample Scenarios

The following are Scenarios of how the same size home can have a different rate.  This is just a sample rate only!

Do you want to hire a House Cleaner, a Maid or both?

              #1 Scenario

A house cleaner is one who mainly just cleans your complete home.  Cleaning all rooms, floors, dusting,  straightening of items, etc.  This is usually the most asked for.  **I do many house cleaning and a few where I do beds and dishes. 

                 #2 Scenario

A Maid is someone who makes beds, does dishes, laundry, ironing, prepare meals, and also very light house cleaning but not a full house clean and or just straightening of items, loading and unloading a dishwasher, etc.

                 #3 Scenario

Expect to pay more when you combine a house cleaner with maid work.  This would include a full house clean plus a few of what a maid service would do such as make beds, do dishes or load and unload dishwasher and laundry.