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Pet Sitting Rates and Services

I offer compassionate care to all animals. Included in my visits, I will pick up mail, newspapers and packages.  I also water plants inside and out. If you need more than a few, I will charge a small fee to cover for my time.   

Pet Sitting Rates: Rates are based on each individual's needs and how many pets.  Below are estimates only.  Subject to change without notice. 

 Dogs:   Visits start at $18 and up. Final price will depend on how many pets in household and what all you want to be included. 


Cats: Price ranges from $15 to $25   **$15 would be for a cat that usually does not require much attention or one that will hide during my stay and you just need a quick drop in.  Upon my first visit, I will determine the best rate for your needs. Extra cats or choirs will incur a higher rate.  On average, $20 is for two cats.  All this will be discussed during the Free Consultation.   


**For Birds, rabbits, fish and small caged pet households only, rates start at $10 to $15 a visit.  Price will be determined depending on how many are in the household. **These rates not for dogs or cats in the household, but simply caged, or contained pets.

**Overnight Stay: At the present time I do not offer overnight care, but prefer to offer 3 visits a day instead as this gives your pets more attention while you are gone and not for what a sleepover offers. 


**Holidays Add $10 per day, not visit.  The following Holidays will incur Holiday pay: New Years Day, Easter, 4th. of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

**If you need a Key pick up or drop off, there will be a $5 charge to cover for time and gas. Otherwise, have a safe place for your keys and please make sure that they do work.  I am hoping I can assure you that I am trustworthy enough to hold on to your keys for you, otherwise I do charge to either pick up or drop off.  Thank You for understanding!

Here are a few of my current clients:

Below are two of my Cats I have cared for! Both were rescues. I Love Both Cats Dearly. Most of my current pet sit jobs consist of cats.  I specialize in cats, rodents, birds, rabbits and reptiles.  I do pet sit for dogs, but am selected in ones I take on. I do prefer smaller breed dogs!

Simon was a rescue cat.  He is the most loving cat that I have ever known.  He loves both people and other cats and dogs.  He does not have a mean bone in his body. The young lady who fostered him did such a good job in making him a super friendly cat compared to the sad state he and his siblings came into this world. I just love this Cat!

I had the honor of caring for this cat since the day she was born. She was born with 6 other siblings, 2 of which died during birth. My Brother-in-law had no idea his cat was pregnant so I stepped in to help.  This one was my favorite. She turned out to be a beautiful Calico.  She is such a loving cat and she gives you kitty kisses too! Her name is Patches!

Meet Niles, Left and Ray on the right.  I pet sit for these two male siblings a couple times a year.  Niles is a super friendly cat and Ray is a much older cat and  has come around to being petted more often.  They both enjoy treats when I visit them. They are very laid back cats and easy to care for.

 I clean this couple's home along with walking Charlie during my stay.  The cat is named Zeke.  I got to bond with him when I did my first pet sit for him alone. He normally would hide the whole time I was there until I actually got to spend time with him while pet sitting and after that time, he would always be out to greet me.

RIP Zeke! July 2017  I am really going to miss seeing him when I clean their home.  He became my little buddy! 

This here is Silly Charlie! He is such a goof ball! LOL

I have cleaned for this couple many years ago and also did pet sitting a few times. They are both rescues and were adopted together. 

Zoey is a mellow kitty unlike her sibling Cali.  

Cali is what I call a Wild Child, (in a good way).  LOL, She is a Very  Mischievous little cat. 

Here are my two dogs. Simba is an American Eskimo and Scotty is a Chihuahua/terrier.

Other animals I have pet sit or cared for:

  This is Maggie! Poor girl, had a rough life.  Person returned her to shelter and I hope she is doing ok.

   This is Jake! 

This is Midnight! A rescued stray. 

This was Heather who was a stray and re-homed to Chihuahua Rescue Group of San Diego!